Works in Progress


Brian, J. “Bioethics and Business: (Un)comfortable bedfellows.”

Brian, J. “When Bioethics Should Be More Like Public Relations.”

Grzanka, P. and J. Brian. “Intersectionality and STS.”

Brian, J., Grzanka, P., and E. Mann. “Reproducing Inequalities: Long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) promotion and policies in the U.S.”

Benn, T., Dyck Brian, J., Cook, E., Darby, K., Mead, C., and Toke, N. “Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning: A qualitative research study on instructors’ and students’ perspectives on interdisciplinarity at Arizona State University.”

Robert, J., Bennett, I., and Dyck Brian, J. “Just Scenarios: Cultivating Anticipatory Assessment of Novel Nanotechnologies”

Robert, J. and Dyck Brian, J. “When is Innovation Research?  And Why Should We Care?”