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Hi, y’all. Welcome to my website. I am an Honors Faculty Fellow at Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University. I am also a Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Biology and Society and the School for the Future of Innovation in Society.  Here you will find links to published works, descriptions of works in progress, past and current syllabi, and my CV.

During 2017-18, I was a Fellow at the Institute for Humanities Research, for my project The Life of a LARC: A Critical Analysis of LARC Promotion Practices and the Lived Experiences They Engender.

I came to Barrett in 2012 after spending a year in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where I held a position as an assistant professor of bioethics at the Asian University for Women. (I returned to AUW to teach summer term in 2013.) I completed my PhD in Biology (with a concentration in Biology & Society and a specialization in Bioethics, Policy & Law) at Arizona State University. I studied bioethics committees in for-profit private sector bioscience corporations. Private sector bioethics is a question mark in the larger ecology of bioethics. It has been dismissed by many, yet it has replicated features of public bioethics. Bioethics programs in the private sector struggle with many of the same problems as public sector bioethics programs, with respect to mandate, authority, membership, and legitimacy, but, I argue, represent an important innovation in the governance of emerging technologies, with corporations taking a lead role in deciding what is ethically appropriate or problematic.

My overall research program seeks to explore the role of corporations in shaping normative debates and decision-making in science and technology. However, my research interests are wide-ranging, and you can read about them in the Works in Progress section.

Like my research, my teaching is very interdisciplinary. At ASU and AUW, I taught courses on bioethics, feminist ethics, and global science policy. At Barrett, the Honors College, I teach the first year undergraduate seminar called The Human Event. I also teach upper level honors and graduate seminars called “Science, Social Justice and Activism” and “Queer Bioethics.” Engaging students in innovative ways outside the classroom is a critical component of my pedagogy. I am the coach of ASU’s Ethics Bowl team, and I run science policy & science and technology studies workshops in Washington, DC. More information can be found on the Teaching page.

The image is a small section of the mural Gods of the Modern World by José Clemente Orozco at Dartmouth College, in which Orozco “protests against the fetish worship of dead knowledge for its own sake” and “calls for a new positiveness in the creative use of knowledge.”


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